sfac-py docs

Section 1.1 Title

This is a paragraph. It’s quite short.

This paragraph will result in an indented block of text, typically used for quoting other text.

This is another one.

alternate text

Subsection 1.1.1 Title

  1. numbers

  1. upper-case letters and it goes over many lines

    with two paragraphs and all!

  1. lower-case letters

    1. with a sub-list starting at a different number

    2. make sure the numbers are in the correct sequence though!

  1. upper-case roman numerals

  1. lower-case roman numerals

  1. numbers again

  1. and again

Subsection 1.1.1 Title

  • a bullet point using “*”

    • a sub-list using “-”

      • yet another sub-list

    • another item

indices and tables